StartUp Fair

Startup Fair is the biggest national convention for young entrepreneurs being organized by IIT (BHU) Varanasi in association with MCIIE. It features a plethora of events including guest lectures, elevator pitch, workshops, Networking Meet and panel discussions.

What we stand for


Our goal is to give something to the startup community by introducing emerging startups to resources, mentorship, and investment opportunities. We are most interested in working with entrepreneurs using data management to solve public policy, human development, and business challenges. Architecting, analyzing, and managing data in an effective manner is a great challenge and a tremendous area of opportunity for new business innovation.

What we achieved last year


plus VCs
plus Startups
plus Mentors
plus Footfall

People behind its success

Previous year's mentors.

Rajiv Jamkhedkar

Serengeti Ventures, Ex-AEGON RELICARE

Prof. P.K. Mishra

Secretary, MCIIE IIT (BHU), Varanasi

Vinod Dham

Indo-US Ventures Partner 'FATHER OF PENTIUM'

G.S. Naveen Kumar

Special Secretary, Govt. of UP

Anil Joshi

Unicorn India Ventures, Ex-President Mumbai Angels

Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is eligible to participate in Startup Fair?

The contest is open to students, corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, as well as other independent individuals (employed or unemployed)

Do all the team members have to be from the same University / Business School / Organization?

No. All the team members need not be from the same University / Business School / Organization.

Can corporate participants from different companies form a Team?

Yes. Corporate professionals from different companies can form a team together.

Can the team have a mix of Business school students/undergraduate students/corporate professionals/entrepreneurs/other individuals?

Yes, the team can have any mix of participants.

Is the team composition mentioned at the time of registration final?

Yes. No changes will be allowed in the team composition after registration. Therefore, please enter the team details after proper deliberation.

What if a person gets registered as part of more than one team?

Both the teams will become ineligible to participate. Therefore, please check with the proposed team members before registering.

What is the registration fee for participation?

2000 per participant (free Accomodation).

Where will the final round of the event be held?

The Grand Finale will be held on the campus of Indian Institute of Technology, (BHU) Varanasi during Technex 2019.

Can we consult non-team members such as professors or industry experts?

The interaction with non-team members should be restricted to interviews and surveys, and proper reference should be made to the same in the business plan document. Similarly, any other information source including published studies may be used, but the document submitted should contain proper references.

Should the business plans strictly adhere to a structure?

While adherence to any structure is not compulsory, all the relevant aspects such as business concept, vision, market opportunity, competitive advantage, detailed competitive analysis and the resources and finances required to implement the idea can be included. Relevant financial projections including expected cash flows, pro-forma balance sheets and 'P and L' statements can be included. Proposed management structure and relevant assumptions may also be included.

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