Dive into the realms of industry level scientific simulation aided by supercomputing architecture on the cloud. Learn and simulate while competing for lucrative internship offers and $35,000 worth of prizes in the Kogence Simulation Challenge. Supported by Amazon Web Services, NVIDIA and VMWare along with platform support from Kogence, the event guarantees you an insight into the processes that guide modern technological development. An online event open for everyone - students, research fellows, professors and even domain-experts - this is certainly an international level opportunity to be looked out for.

The event is categorized under 3 topics:

KOGENCE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SIMULATION: Be it the face ID feature of iPhoneX or the voice assistance of Cortana, none of these wonders would have been possible without the wonderful gift of Artificial Intelligence. We give you a chance to try your hands on simulations based on the leading technologies behind AI – Tensorflow, Keras, Scikit learn and Torch.

KOGENCE META MATERIAL SIMULATIONS: With the ever increasing complexities of scientific requirements comes the call for new customized materials. Meta-material synthesis is a hot research area and simulation is what keeps it going. Come and experience the thrill of actually creating your own material through simulations in Density Functional Theory Codes, Hartree Fock Methods, Multi Body Quantum Chemistry Codes and Molecular Dynamics.

KOGENCE NANO PHOTONICS SIMULATION: The interaction of light and nanometer-scale objects has been a mystifying yet appealing field of study for scientists for a long time. Numerical simulations in nano-photonics find a wide range of applications in engineering. So, grab on this opportunity to identify and solve some rigorous problems in Scattering Matrix Method, Finite Difference Time Domain Methods, Rigorous Coupled Wave Analysis and Frequency Domain Methods.

  1. Acuminate your intellect, brush up your knowledge, for it’s time to compete with some of the world’s best in the business.
  2. We’ll keep you prepared with webinars and online tutorials to help you get familiar with the procedure and platform. Registrations on the platform are open! Few more important dates associated with the events are as follows:


  • 23rd October Opening of Platform registration
  • 1st November Opening of Challenge registration
  • 15th November Webinar
  • 15th December Release of Problem Statement