Every year, Technex under its umbrella of activities organises a plethora of events to discuss and create a consensus upon the most recent and substantial issues across the globe. The campaigns include social media awareness complimenting the enthralling on-campus activities that the event undertakes.

The 76th edition of Technex witnessed a range of exercises under PAHAL, a platform intended to make the society prosper through innovation. It was majorly focused on solving age old problems of the Indian society like energy storage, electricity generation, fuel production, water treatment and waste management. It also dealt with challenges faced by the existing technological setup and discoursed about incorporating modification to make it more efficient.

In the following year, Technex’17 organised a road safety week that zoomed on to make road safety awareness prevalent amongst the population and ponder upon methods to curb road accidents. While it majorly focused on the fatal repercussions of rash driving and drunk driving, the campaign shed light on the pedestrian crowd in and around the Indian roadways where a small accident could instigate a mass suffering. The campaign was supplemented by a cycle rally, informative workshops for students in the nearby schools and discussed on the importance of road safety with the entire student community.


Social Campaign of TECHNEX ‘18

“Energy- Today’s conserved is tomorrow’s resource”

It’s not the size of the tank that matters, but the size of the tap. By the end of this century, nearly all of the economically recoverable fossil fuels shall deplete. There will be shortages. As the depletion rate of the fuels increases there arises a need to prepare for a radically different lifestyle. The campaign not just focuses on reducing energy consumption but also emphasises on using the green and economic sources of energy keeping sustainable goals in mind. Technex, IIT BHU Varanasi under the social campaign week plans to manoeuvre through panel discussions, a cycle marathon, a zero-energy hour and lot more to create awareness among people on the alarming issue of excessive energy consumption and exercise to increase ideas over energy efficiency of economic vitality.


Ideas on Energy Conservation and Sustainable Development has been tabled as the tentative agenda for Technex’18. The deliberation holds the flexibility to modulate its agenda and expanse of the discussion as per the willingness of the collaborators. The event would be conducted in the prime Swatantratha Bhavan. The discussion would be chaired by a prolific World Bank Executive along with the faculty Councilor of the Science and Technology Council, IIT BHU.


With resources scarce and planet ablaze, the Earth beseeches attention. The 79th edition of Technex, IIT-BHU plans out the pulpit to exhibit the concern for the cause by conducting a cycle marathon. The run would house various undergraduates pedal for the cause and voice out the importance of resource conservation and inculcating ecologically sustainable practices. With this run, the event seeks to drive a desirable change.


While the country majorly depends on conventional sources of energy for electricity production, Technex’18 strategizes to tap into an opportunity of cutting people off their routine and sensitising them regarding an environmental concern. In its zero-energy hour, team Technex will take off the electric supply to gather its student associates and spread its message of electricity conservation and incorporating wise practices to not just use the resources efficiently, but also exploit the unconventional roots of energy.